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JFAS-7000BT Beam Tracer
Beam tracer JFAS-7000BTEcran JFAS-7000BT

The Beam Tracer, JFAS-7000BT, is designed to identify the precise position of semiconductor device defects at high resolution.

The Beam Tracer is a scanning electron microscope incorporating a highly accurate mechanical probe to successfully image micro areas needed for development of 45 nm and 32 nm node devices. Defect positions are identified from various images obtained from the electron beam generated from the probe, including absorbed current contrast (current or voltage detection mode), EBIC, and potential images.

Specific interconnects and contacts may be focused by the probe to test electrical properties of a single device.


  • Identifies failures in interconnects of actual multi-layer devices using absorbed current detection.
  • Detects resistor defects ranging from 10³Ω to infinity using a high-sensitivity absorbed current amp (current or voltage mode).
  • Acquires high quality absorbed current images from samples with low absorbed current by changing the beam current over a wide range.
  • Simultaneously performs secondary electron and absorbed current imaging for accurate positioning of defects for failure analysis.
  • Accurately identifies defects on 0.1 µm interconnects using an integral electron beam assisted marking system.