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WM-7000 Wafer Surface Inspector
Wafer surface inspector WM-7000Image Wafer surface inspector WM-7000WM-7000

The WM-7000 combines industry leading Deep Ultra Violet (DUV) laser and Violet LD light sources to easily identify defects on bare or thin film wafers. DUV differentiates between microscratches, particles, and pits. With a sensitivity of 30nm on bare Si, the WM-7000 can recognize defects through films, SOI, low-k, and organics.

At a minimum investment, the WM-7000 is a cost-effective tool with high reliability, throughput, and resolution. It offers unparalleled x-y coordinate accuracy and auto-sensitivity correction for 200mm and 300mm wafers.


  • DUV and Violet LD
  • High sensitivity for films, SOI, low-k, and graphics
  • Dynamic range: 30nm – 5um
  • Wafer size: 200mm – 300mm
  • Excellent X/Y coordinate reporting
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