Focused Ion Beam System

FIB et MEB-FIB à double colonne

La sonde JIB-4000Plus est un système de préparation d’échantillon par faisceau d’ions, comportant une colonne ionique à haute performance.

JIB-4000Plus Focused Ion Beam Milling and Imaging System
FIB. focused ion beam system. JIB-4000Plus

The JIB-4000Plus is a focused ion beam sample milling system used for preparation of STEM/TEM samples and fabrication of cross section samples for SEM imaging.

It is especially effective for applications such as semiconductor failure analysis. The JIB-4000Plus supports simultaneous installation of a side entry goniometer stage for TEM samples and a bulk specimen stage.

With enhanced resolution and high probe current, the system is capable of high resolution image acquisition and high speed milling. It is a compact unit with energy saving features. The JIB-4000Plus incorporates a unique ion gun developed by utilizing JEOL's TEM/SEM technologies, enabling speedy sample milling.

Use of the same holders as JEOL's TEM series allows for seamless operation from sample milling to imaging to analysis. The bulk specimen stage is effective for preparation of SEM cross section samples.

Features - Outstanding milling performance featuring the best throughput in the industry - Compact unit with a 20% smaller footprint (compared to JEOL's comparable model) for easy setup - Low accelerating voltage equal to best-in-class systems - Optional stage navigation system for speedy identification of viewing positions

Ion source Ga liquid metal ion source
Accelerating voltages 1 to 30 kV (in 5 kV steps)
Magnification ×60(for searching for a field)
Image resolution 5 nm (at 30 kV)
Beam current Up to 60 nA (at 30 kV)
Movable aperture 12 steps (motor drive)
Ion beam shapes during milling Rectangle, line, and spot

Specimen stage Bulk-specimen 5 axis goniometer stage
X:±11 mm
Y:±15 mm
Z:0.5 ~ -23 mm
T:-5 ~ +60°
Maximum specimen size 28 mm dia. (13 mm H)/ 50 mm dia (2 mm H)

Optional attachments

  • Gas injection system 2 (IB-02100GIS2)
  • Carbon Deposition Cartridge (IB-52110CDC2)
  • Tungsten Deposition Cartridge (IB-52120WDC2)
  • Platinum Deposition Cartridge (IB-52130WDC2)
  • Side Entry Goniometer Stage (IB-01040SEG)
  • Probe Current Detector (IB-04010PCD)
  • Operation Panel (IB-05010OP)
  • Stage Navigation System (IB-01200SNS)
  • FIB Tip-on Holder (EM-02210)
  • FIB Bulk-Specimen Holder (EM-02220)
  • FIB Bulk-Specimen Holder 1 (EM-02560FBSH1)
  • FIB Bulk-Specimen Holder 2 (EM-02570FBSH2)
  • FE-SEM Specimen Holder Adapter (EM-02580FSHA)
  • Shuttle Retainer (EM-02280)
  • Atmosphere Pick-up System (EM-02230)
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