Phase Plate

Microscopes Électroniques en Transmission (MET)

Technologie "Phase Plate" MET à Contraste Ultime


JEOL est le seul fabricant de microscopes électroniques à proposer un MET dit "PHASE PLATE" adapté aux sciences de la biologie.En particulier la Cryo microscopie , la tomographie.

While phase plate technology - invented by Frits Zernike and awarded the Physic Nobel prize in 1953 - is an accepted tool for live-cell imaging with the light microscope (LM), it is a novel approach to imaging with the TEM. However, completely analogous to the LM application, the application in the TEM employs a -phase plate that shifts the phase of only the scattered electrons, resulting in amplitude contrast rather than phase contrast, as these phase-shifted electrons interfere with the unscattered electrons in the image plane (See Fig. 1).

Extensive research has led to the extensive and rigorous development of the phase plate technology at the laboratory of Prof. Kuniaki Nagayama, Director & Professor of the Okazaki Institute for Integrative Bioscience in Japan. Prof. Nagayama and his colleagues have illustrated very convincingly the potential for routine phase contrast TEM imaging of frozen-hydrated macromolecules (See Fig. 2).

Furthermore, using custom software they have applied the phase plate imaging successfully to cryo-tomography (need another illustration/movie here).

JEOL’s TEM columns are optimally designed for phase contrast cryo-electron tomography, as they are unsurpassed in the ability to customize the imaging parameters without sacrificing ease of use. Also, the unique system’s architecture of the JEOL TEMs guarantees the ultimate in overall stability, which ultimately results in higher performance of the TEM. Furthermore, developments have led to continuously heated phase plate holders that come assembled with piezo drives and accompanying software for exact positioning of the phase plate in the bacj-focal plane of the objective lens, and zero loss energy filtering using the in-column Omega filter of the 2200FS.