Spectroscopie analytique

JEOL Resonance offre un large choix de spectromètres RMN à partir de 400 MHz, pour toutes les applications tant en recherche qu'en contrôle.

Chargeurs d'échantillons
Chargeurs d'échantillonsChargeurs d'échantillons

JEOL sample changers are random-access and are tightly coupled with automation. We offer an 8, 16, 24 and 64 position sample changer.

New! 24-Position Sample Changer

Improve workflow with rapid, programmable automatic sample loading. The new ASC24 Sample Changer is Ethernet-based & fully integrated with JEOL's powerful Delta™ software. Any combination of experiments can be programmed for automatic operation.

  • Random access operation - any slot, in any order, at any time.
  • Ethernet-based communication - fast communication directly from the embedded acquisition computer.
  • Fail-safe features prevent errors.
  • Interchangeable carousel - additional carousels can be loaded & ready for next batch of experiments.
  • Plug and play.

Only the ASC24 Sample Changer features the ethernet link. Also available are the following sample changer choices:

  • 8-position Sample Changer
    Includes 8 variable temperature, 5mm or 10mm sample holders
  • 16-position Sample Changer
    Includes 16 variable temperature, 5mm or 10mm sample holders
  • 64-position Sample Changer
    Includes 64 variable temperature, 5mm or 10mm sample holders